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ABOUT The Squamish Chief

The Squamish Chief has been published every week since 1991, serving the community of Squamish with award-winning local news, sports, entertainment and a broad range of engaging special features. Our more than 25 years of success is due to our incredible local staff and the community embracing our style.

The Chief has the experience, the broad readership and a high-profile distribution model that makes us the sensible choice for selling your client into the Squamish market.

Our convenient newsstand and door-to-door distribution in Squamish allows us to be everywhere and puts us far ahead of any competitor.

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To discuss advertising opportunities, please contact a member of our Sales Team.

Sarah Strother

Sarah Strother
President Whistler Publishing LP

Cathie Greenless

Cathie Greenlees
Advertising Consultant

Sean Mulholland

Sean Mulholland
Sales & Marketing Representative

Tina Pisch

Tina Pisch
Sales Department Supervisor

Tina Pisch

Fiona Yu
Sales & Marketing Manager

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