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Let’s Talk Trash: Never miss collection day again

Starting this week, residents can roll their recycling and garbage bins to the curb on time with the help of the new qathet Waste Wise mobile app.

If your garbage day “reminder” amounts to you looking out the window and seeing your street lined with garbage bins, you’re not alone. Many of us have done the early morning sprint-to-catch-the-garbage-truck at least once.

Starting this week, residents can roll their recycling and garbage bins to the curb on time with the help of the new qathet Waste Wise mobile app. 

There’s no shame in the confusion associated with remembering garbage day, as holidays shift the date right about the time you might learn it. The app takes the guesswork out by automatically adjusting the date for you when there is a holiday - much like your phone adjusts for Daylight Saving Time.

Just like the coffee you order at your favourite cafe, the app is customizable. You can choose to receive a notification on your phone at the time of your choosing, either the day before or the day of collection.

If you have already signed up for notifications by email or voice call, you can continue to use this option – text messages, however, will no longer be sent. 

The new app will do more than save your slippers a hurried walk through a puddle. Beyond sending you reminders for recycling and garbage day, the qathet Waste Wise app also offers access to the Waste Wizard search tool that helps you find out what is recyclable locally, whether it be everyday items or less common ones such as electronics, oil, or specialty batteries.

You will also get special service alerts for when weather or mechanical difficulties are affecting pickup times and special collection notices for events like Trash Bash and Invasive Species Drop-Off. It’s never been easier to stay informed about local waste-related events and pickup days.

Even the least tech savvy among us seems to have a smartphone these days. The app is available on both iPhones and Androids.  To download the app simply search “qathet Waste Wise” in the App store or Google Play stores.

If your preference is to have a paper copy of your garbage and recycling schedule or Waste Wise Guide, you can find printable versions online at City of Powell River’s website. Paper copies of the guide and curbside collection schedule are also available by contacting the city at 604.485.8657.

Whatever you take to the curb, consider the long journey our local trash goes on and try to divert as much as you can to recycling or the drop-off compost pilot program at Town Centre Recycling Depot. Better yet, encourage your household to reduce the amount of trash created in the first place by reusing, buying used and using your own bags, reusable mugs and cutlery.

Let’s Talk Trash is qathet Regional District’s waste reduction education program. For more information, email or go to

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