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Was he really asleep when curling dates announced?

Joyce Walter writes about the upcoming Scotties and her desire to watch the games on television
Reflective Moments by Joyce Walter

As the other occupant of our household dozed through a repetitive newscast, I thought it would be an opportune time to share some exciting news. 

The idea was that perhaps in his dozing state, he might later say he couldn’t remember me telling him my good news and I would then be able to accuse him of sleeping through my scintillating conversational moments.

With his chin resting comfortably on his chest, I began, speaking softly, so as not to harshly draw him out of his sleepiness. “Do you know what starts on Feb. 19?” I asked.

“Hmmmph,” came the reply, which could have been described as an interrogatory or declarative response.

“The Scotties starts on Feb. 19 in Calgary and I’m letting you know now that I have first dibs on the television until Feb. 28.”

I think his eyelids fluttered but there was no verbal response. My question to myself became: “did he hear what I said?” or “is he pretending to sleep just to annoy me?”

Thinking it would be best for my plot that having Housemate at least partially awake might be the better option than my first sneaky attack.

When he fully awoke at the end of the news, I plastered a smile on my face and in my sweetest voice, I tried plan B. “Dear, just to let you know that I will need full access to the TV from Feb. 19-28 so I can watch the Scotties curling. I’m so excited.”

His response was in the negative, something to the effect of “No, I don’t think so.”

I grinned at him and wagged my finger, suggesting by the finger wag that I knew he was fooling, just trying to get my goat about command of the TV.

Feeling some major convincing was still required, I noted how long it had been since live curling was featured on television — almost a year, while his business programs and nature shows and antiques shows and junk picker shows continued without interruption. Of course I didn’t mention the curling reruns that did appear to fill the curling void after the pandemic hit. But that was beside the point.

I also reminded him how much fun we had at the Scotties here in Moose Jaw a year ago, and that he actually felt drawn to Rachel Homan and the shots her team made with us in attendance. 

From now until the first rock is thrown, I’m prepared to use all my powers of persuasion to make sure the remote control is in my hands at the appropriate times. The only disappointing factor about the upcoming Scotties is that one of the teams is being skipped by a skip that I feel should abandon any kind of team sport.

Perhaps Housemate might be given the TV channel changer when that team is scheduled to play.

The good news: the games are being shown on TSN with knowledgeable commentators able to keep the play-by-play moving along with the pace of the game. 

And just wait: the Scotties will be followed by the Brier, men’s and women’s world competitions plus a few other bonspiels yet to be announced. Housemate will be so overwhelmed with excitement!

Let the games begin.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The women's world championships have since been cancelled since this column was written.

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