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Squamish Search and rescue assists fallen biker

On Saturday a rider injured his arm after falling on the Recycle trail.
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Rescuers tend to fallen biker on Saturday.

Rescuers came to the aid of a fallen mountain biker over the weekend. A mountain biker took a fall on Recycle on Saturday, a blue trail in the Diamond Head area.

"He was a Squamish local who slipped on a bridge and fell off the bridge into a creek bed and injured his upper arm," said Squamish Search and Rescue manager B.J. Chute.

Chute said crews drove their trucks to the top of Half Nelson, which is close nearby.

An e-bike team then rode down to the fallen rider's location.

Upon arrival, they splinted him and walked him up the trail to the trucks, which brought him down to paramedics, who drove him to the hospital.

There have been 28 SAR calls this year so far.

This time last year, there were 17 calls. In 2019 at this time of year, there were 18.