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Video: Lynx lectured by the scruff after killing several northern B.C. man's chickens

Event catches social media's attention, takes selfie with the animal.

If this lynx has learned anything from the weekend, it’s to not mess with farmers’ chickens.

Chris Paulson took to social media Sunday night (Feb. 21) of himself holding a lynx by the scruff after it was caught attacking and killing some of his chickens on his Burns Lake-area property.

Paulson is seen in the video, which has since been removed, appearing very calm and walked the lynx back to the scene of the crime.

“Let’s go see the damage you did, buddy,” he says.

“How many chickens did you get? You got some of our new ones, not good is it? No. I know it’s not good. First the owl then you, eh!”

In an interview with CBC News today (Feb. 22), Paulson explained he and his family had come home from cross-country skiing when he later heard a commotion coming from a nearby hill.

“So I put my boots on, ran out there and all the chickens are flying out of their houses. Today, they looked like they were on the run. So I had a look in there and there was a lynx right in the chicken house.”

According to Paulson, lynx are focused on their prey and become ‘shy’ to their surroundings, which was how he was able to pick it up.

Canadian lynx are said to weigh, on average, under 25 pounds.

“I just went in and was going to try to scoot him out of there, but he didn’t wanna leave without a chicken,” Paulson added. 

“So I just reached down and picked him up like you’d do with a house cat [...] and he went limp, as they do, and just backed him out and we put him in a dog kennel.”

Paulson took pity on the 'skinny' cat and let it go, even giving it the two dead chickens as a parting gift.

Paulson said this wasn’t the first time he had to deal with an animal that wanted to have his chickens for dinner.

A few weeks earlier, he explained an owl took about six chickens.

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