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Bobcat in the Squamish Estuary [VIDEO]

Squamish's Chris Dale captured this stunning footage of a   bobcat (Lynx rufus) slinking through the grass in the estuary.  "I expected it to wander out into the open but instead it decided to have a nap in the late afternoon sun," Dale told The Chief.

Dale sat in one spot for over an hour waiting for the sun to set and figuring the cat would get cold and wake up. Sure enough, as soon as it cooled down, it reappeared and spent another half an hour slinking through the grass until it finally disappeared into the brambles.

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Bobcats are solitary animals, except for mothers with their kittens and during the breeding season when they are paired for only a few days at a time.

They breed mid-February through March, according to wildlife information from the provincial government.

The bobca'ts diet includes small animals, birds and deer.

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