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Dude, can I have a campfire in Squamish tonight?

The friends are gathered, the weather is warm and the beer is cold. Can a campfire bring the whole day to a perfect close?

In Squamish, the answer is — maybe.

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There is currently not a campfire ban in place in town.

But don't bring out the marshmallows and sticks just yet.

Campfires are allowed in Squamish  — on private property or commercial campgrounds within the district — only with a campfire permit.

There are several conditions and restrictions, even with a permit.

A water supply must be provided with the ability to completely extinguish the fire, for example, and winds must be less than 15 kilometres per hour.

Go to squamish.ca/residential-campfire-permit/ to apply for a residential permit.

(If a fire ban is put in place for the district, permit holders are notified by email, District staff says.)

The District did not consider a ban for the May long weekend, because the provincial Fire Danger Rating for Squamish was low, at 2, going into the weekend, according to District staff.

It was at 3, or moderate, by Sunday.

The ratings can be found at bcfireinfo.for.gov.bc.ca.

The provincial Coastal Fire Centre is responsible for fire suppression for approximately 16.5 million hectares of land in the southern coastal region of B.C.

It is responsible for the fire in the Upper Squamish Valley, for example, which has lingered on since April 1.

The centre's jurisdiction does not apply within local government boundaries — such as in Squamish — where there are forest fire prevention bylaws and fire departments.

When Coastal Fire puts in place restrictions or a campfire ban, however, the District of Squamish usually follows suit, District staff told The Chief.

The reverse can also be true. If the Coastal Fire Service lifts its ban, but it is considered too dry in Squamish, the District may keep a ban in place.

Now you know.

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