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Nude farmers raise cash for Squamish community farm

Need we say more?

Firefighters might not be the only ones with sexy calendars.

A Squamish sustainable food advocacy group is stripping down in support of a community farm.

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The Squamish Climate Action Network, or CAN, has launched an Indiegogo calendar campaign featuring nude Squamish farmers in hopes of raising money for the farm.

Michalina Hunter, the president of CAN, said she got the idea from a calendar she bought in 2015.

“The nude farming calendar I bought on Indiegogo raised $35,000 for two women to put a downpayment on farm property,” said Hunter in a news release.

“I thought it was such a great idea. How amazing would it be if we could raise that much for a community farm in Squamish?”

CAN is hoping to start with a community farm, then adding components over the years such as a food hub, community garden, covered workshop space and food forest.

They have not solidified a location for the community farm, but are exploring different options.

In ideal circumstances, the group says, they would own the piece of land, but they’re also open to a long-term lease or a memorandum of understanding.

The calendar is currently available for pre-order on Indiegogo:

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