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Squamish Hospice Society asks for art

Artists can donate for decorating new space, auctions

With the grand opening of the hospice weeks away, the Squamish Hospice Society is inviting local artists to donate their work.

"Art is integral in the wellbeing of everybody, and especially those at hospice settings,"Andrea Gailus, the chair of the art committee, said. "Just beautifying the surroundings, the calming effect."

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"It can be soothing, it can be inspiring,” Dr. Judith Fothergill, who is on the Squamish Hospice Society board, said.

They've been advocating for a local hospice for a decade, and are hoping its first patients will be admitted in July. Before then, the society is working with other charitable organizations to add a garden and some colour.

The hospice will have four patient rooms, a meeting room, a quiet room open to all faiths and a family room for loved ones to gather in. The society hopes each space will have some art.

So far, the society has received abstract, still life and landscape pieces. Art of local landscapes can also bring hospice patients comfort with familiar images, while abstract art can be interpreted in different ways, Fothergill said.

"We just hope people will feel supported and cared for. Not just the patients who are at end of life, but their families. Families have said it makes a huge difference, the environment where they are when they say goodbye to a loved one," Fothergill said.

"It can't be home," Gailus added, "but as much of a home-like atmosphere as we can make it."

The art may be hung in the hospice spaces for at least a year, so the society and patients have the option to change it up with a variety. Pieces may also be auctioned to raise funds for the hospice. Art can be given on a loan of at least a year.

To donate, contact Lila Gaudry by May 31 at lilagaudry@gmail.com or 604-892-4911.


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