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The Bond That Ties Us: Squamish women and nature featured in new short film

'Nature Entwined' one of 10 local films showing in the Whistler Film Festival Dec. 10

Sea to Sky women are inextricably tied to the land here, and it to them.

That is the message at the heart of a new short film by local filmmakers that features an entirely Sea to Sky cast.

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Nature Entwined, directed by Squamish's Amanda Palmer and produced by Palmer, Krista Rand, and Lauren Bridle will be shown at the Whistler Film Festival, which runs virtually from Dec. 1 to 20, with the Sea to Sky Shorts Showcase of 10 short films premiering Dec. 10.

The showcase is a new regional filmmaking competition with a $2,000 prize for the winning film.
Squamish mom Tessa Easthope and her baby Kezlyn, Fadwa Bouziane, Devan Williams, and Kennedy Morum are featured in the film, which was shot over 20 days in late October and early November.

Devan Williams. - Courtesy of Nature Entwined

The viewer follows along as Easthope introduces her baby to summer and fall for the first time, as Bouziane goes on a hike, Williams moves through her morning ritual by the river, and Morum spends time with her horse.

Poet and composer Savanna Jones-Martin's powerful words overlay the images throughout.

"The whole idea of the film was to explore the specific relationships women have with nature," said Palmer.

The Squamish landscape is an additional cast member in the film, with sweeping shots of the Squamish River, lush local forests and the view from the Slhaney Trail.

"I just feel like there is so much treasure in the Sea to Sky, just visually, like from a photography and a cinematography perspective, just the mountain tops and the dusting of snow and the rain forest — visually, it is such an amazing treat to be here," said Palmer. "That really informed our film, nature and the landscape." *



The women said they feel proud of how it turned out and were touched by the cast's reaction to the rough cut of the film, which they say was overwhelmingly positive.

The winning film will be announced at WFF's Awards Celebration on Dec. 20.

Tickets for the documentary can be purchased here:


*Please note, this story has been corrected since it was first posted. This quote was originally attributed to Rand, but was said by Palmer. 


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