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SD48 says about 210 more staffers need the COVID-19 vaccination

Squamish's school district expects its K to 12 staff to be vaccinated by sometime in May.
Vaccinations in Squamish
Sign on the door at Brennan Park Rec Centre where vaccinations are underway.

School District 48 estimates it has about 210 more staff who need to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

In total, there are about 820 staffers in the school district.

On April 26, Supt. Lisa McCullough said that number assumes that all staff — not just teachers — eligible for getting a vaccine have already decided to get the shot.

"On the balance of likelihood knowing how concerned they are in our sector and how responsible they are being, I can't imagine that we're much over 200," said McCullough.

McCullough's update was given to the Sea to Sky school board in a special meeting.

She said that the province is hoping to have all staff for its K to 12 schools vaccinated by sometime in May.