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This interactive map shows COVID vaccine requirements around the globe

Canadians should always check travel requirements twice before they leave.
An interactive map shows vaccine passport requirements for countries in September 2021. Canadians should always check requirements before they leave.

A new interactive map shows coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine passport requirements for countries around the world. 

The map, created by, displays a map of the world in shades of blue. Dark blue countries have extended the use of vaccination passports across the country, which means that they are "applied in the whole country in many places and situations." 

Some of these counties include Australia, China, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia. 

Medium blue counties have limited use of vaccine passports, which means that they are applied "lightly in the whole country." Additionally, they are "required only in a few places and situations."

Countries included under this umbrella include Hungary, Slovakia, and Latvia. 

Pale blue countries only require vaccination passports in some regions. notes that "this situation is particularly frequent in countries with a federal system." Canada falls into this category, as well as our neighbours to the south, the United States. 

Teal countries have not applied a passport system, according to However, it should be noted that global travel requirements are ever-changing due to the pandemic. As a result, some of these destinations have recently updated their requirements or are currently in the process of updating them.

The map was last updated on Sept. 24 and many countries have changed their policies since that time.

As of Sept. 28, for example, the map shows that Brazil does not have a passport system. Rio de Janeiro has just announced that it will require them, which means that Brazil now falls under the light blue category. 

It should also be noted that although certain countries may only require vaccine passports to enter businesses in some regions, tourists will be required to show them to enter the country. So while you might not need to show it everywhere you go, your vaccine certification will be required to get through customs. 

Canadians looking to travel abroad next year should also consider that vaccination requirements for countries may change significantly. 

Many countries around the world now allow fully vaccinated Canadians to skip quarantine but some are entertaining the idea of implementing an expiration date on when travellers received their vaccines.

No matter where you plan to travel, make sure you check the Travel Advice and Advisories page for your destination twice: once when you are planning your trip, and again shortly before you leave.

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