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Peter Kent - For Council

Council candidate

My name is Peter Kent, a 30 year TV/Film veteran most noted for being Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double of 15 years and creator of the award winning TV Series on Discovery Channel, "Stuntdawgs."

After much encouragement from family, friends and people in the community, on October 4th 2011, I formally declared my candidacy to run for our Squamish Council team. I hope to bring my knowledge and passion for this community, unique background, and most importantly, to listen and utilize the voice of the community first.

By using myself as a bridge between the people of our community and local government, I hope that we will be able to collaborate openly, honestly and with integrity. I do not believe that running for Squamish Council should be referred to as a "race," because to me, "race" implies a singular contest of speed and a finish line.

I would rather believe that this is a "journey," electing a team that best compliments each other, shows commitment towards achieving set goals, and shows a transparency with themselves and the people.

As the saying goes, "A general is just as good or just as bad as the troops under his command make him." I am enthusiastic and approachable.

I'm a family man with a supportive wife who serves our community at our local hospital as a nurse, and am a proud father of two beautiful 2-year-old twin boys.

Some of the topics I'm passionate about are: the arts, children's education and their future in our community, improving essential services such as our local health care, police, fire, and ambulance departments, sustaining the environment, implementing more jobs locally, and creating ways to market/attract tourism and business throughout the community.

Each one of these passions, I have carefully researched, spending numerous hours interviewing the people and families of the community, local business owners, and tourists. With a recent poll in the Chief Newspaper asking to rate the overall 2008-'11 Squamish Council's performance, the majority of readers voted (63%) below average to poor performance.

It is evident that we need to address the important ongoing issues and implement new strategies and fresher approaches. I look forward to listening to each and everyone's views.

I respect, value, and encourage each of your opinions and ideas on an individual basis, am energized to discuss my platform ideas in detail, and wish each and every nominee for mayor, council, school board and regional district Area D candidates the best of luck with the upcoming November 19th 2011 election.


2005: Gemini Award for Excellence in Television in the Human Interest Category. Broadcast in Canada on The Movie Network, Movie Central and Discovery Channel Europe

2008: "The Chief Reader's Choice" Winner for Best Local Actor

2008: "Voted #9 in the Top Ten Stunts of All Time" by CNN

2009: "Stuntman's Hollywood Hall of Fame" inductee

Volunteer Work:
Founded ARK (Actors Reading for Kids) in honor of his late mother Margaret and guest lectured at schools throughout the region, as well as teaching "hands-on" experimental film to Grade 6 & 7 students, something ground breaking and ultimately rewarding. Over the last four years Peter has mentored a "little brother" in the Big Brother/Big Sister Foundation of Canada, volunteers for Canuck Place Children's Hospice reading/acting plays for the kids, TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes: Juvenile Diabetes Research, and empowers teens with self-esteem, health and fitness issues by teaching nutrition and fitness.

Other information on Peter/Contact Info:

WEBSITES: (Personal):, (Stuntman's Hollywood Hall of Fame):, (My Film/TV Resume):, , FACEBOOK: Peter Kent for Squamish Council, EMAIL: [email protected]

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