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Cellulose sponges are the most affordable trend in skin care

The latest must-have skin care product is a natural sponge that works with every kind of face wash, skin care routine and budget.
Cellulose Sponges
Cellulose sponges are made from natural fibres so simply rinse and wring out, then leave it to air dry.

A humble makeup-removing sponge is poised to be the next viral beauty star that you can get for under $5.

Double-cleansing balms, organic face oils, retinol, Vitamin C, light therapy masks that give off “Jason Voorhees at a rave” vibes ...skincare has us buying and trying some wild (and wildly expensive) stuff.

The next big must-have in skincare is not a $300 cream made from lavender pollen from a meadow in Provence or an app that measures the water in the third layer of the epidermis, but something a little more modest.


Cellulose sponges seem a little weird at first because they closely resemble hardworking kitchen cleaners. The version safe for skin is different in that it is thin and stiff in the package but run it underwater and it transforms into a soft and fluffy face sponge. 

It is a magical makeup remover (particularly around the eye area, where makeup is more stubborn and skin is more sensitive) and excellent at removing a clay or cream mask. It’s also a really effective and soothing face wash helper: pump preferred product onto a wet sponge and gently work it over the face, neck and chest in upward, circular motions. It cleans deeply and feels slightly exfoliating as the direct contact sloughs off gunk without damaging the natural skin barrier (over stripping with harsh products or overzealous cleansing gadgets can lead to acne, dryness and redness).

Faces that feel greasy by the end of the day (from sunscreen, sweat and oil) will look refreshed after a quick wash and in the morning. Use cool water on it to de-puff problem areas such as underneath your eyes.

Cellulose sponges are made from natural fibres, so simply rinse and wring out, then leave it to air dry (these don’t get smelly like a kitchen sponge). A single sponge will last about 6-8 weeks, and when you are done, recycle or compost it or repurpose it for house cleaning.  


Need a new face wash to go with the cellulose sponge?

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser is an acne-busting formula that doesn’t dry out or strip the skin, while this Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Cleanser is top-rated for sensitive skin. Fresh’s Soy Cleanser has reached cult status on beauty forums, and the Soy Makeup Removing Face Wash is a limited-edition version that does double duty, ideal for an evening face wash.

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