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How to be a digital nomad and work from anywhere in the world

Now, more than ever, it’s within reach to run a business, open a store, land customers, earn income and do it all while travelling the world.

We’ve all fantasized about sitting on a white sandy beach, while sipping a delicious cocktail and staring out into the rolling waves of the ocean. For most of us, this fantasy can only live on in our vacation time, but what if we told you that with a little help from a few clever apps, your daydream could become your dream job, all from the comfort of your laptop or cellphone.

Remote learning, remote working

In the wake of COVID-19, more and more companies are going fully remote, and you can too. Udemy offers an extensive collection of over 155,000 online, video courses designed to help you learn a new skill or simply update your current skill set. With many subjects ranging from marketing, web development and copywriting, to photography and teaching and academics, you are sure to find a career interest that suits you.

Teach others

Your skill set is valuable, and many are willing to pay to learn from your knowledge and experience. In fact, over 100 million courses have already been taken on Thinkific and with its online service, customizable course content and sleek website design builder, you could become a course creator from anywhere you choose. Thinkific will even help you market and sell your courses will a full suite of useful business tools.

Build an everywhere store

Whether it’s a physical or digital product or a service you offer, Shopify can offer you the online platform you need to get yourself seen to potential clients or customers. Over 1.7 million users currently trust Shopify to host and market their business, and it’s easy to see why with their beginner-friendly customizable templates, straightforward marketing tools and 24/7 customer support from anywhere in the world.

Own it

While you might want to take your business everywhere, you will still need to register and incorporate your business for tax and legal purposes. Ownr takes care of the not-so-dreamy elements of owning a business and handles incorporations, legal arrangements and managing employees so you can concentrate on doing what you love, where you love to do it.

Manage your customers from the beach

You have a great product and you’ve got the expertise, but now you need to find customers. That’s where HubSpot steps in, your easy-to-navigate, user-friendly customer relationship management system. An efficient and uncomplicated platform that’s centred around customer management, accelerating sales and increasing marketing leads, all entirely remotely from your phone or your laptop.

Money, money, money

Now for the important money talk. If you’re working remotely and have global clients, then the company accounting can get a little confusing. Avoid making financial mistakes and try FreshBooks, your online accounting software that takes care of invoicing, taxes and payroll. 100% online and available anytime, anywhere, FreshBooks is your best friend when it comes to money management with its easy-to-use interface, professional invoice templates and dedicated customer service.

Now, more than ever, it’s within reach to run a business, open a store, land customers, earn income and do it all while travelling the world. All it takes is a bit of ambition, a dream, and a toolbox full of online tools.

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