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Most Canadians don't support King Charles or Camilla, poll finds

Will you be tuning into King Charles's coronation?
Most Canadians say, it's time to call off this long, historic relationship.

May 6 marks King Charles's coronation. 

His predecessor and mother Queen Elizabeth II was beloved by Canadians. But the same cannot be said for the new monarch of the United Kingdom, according to a new poll.

An Angus Reid Institute survey found that only 28 per cent of Canadians hold favourable views of the king, compared to the 48 per cent of Canadians that do not.

The poll also found that a majority of Canadians believe it's time to consider ending the nation's ties from the monarchy, even if it's difficult.

In fact, 60 per cent of Canadians oppose the new monarch and everything in relation to him. Swearing an oath to him and singing “God Save the King” at official ceremonies, and putting his face on currency saw more opposition.

But King Charles isn't the only one who lacks affection from Canadians. Two-thirds of people oppose recognizing Camilla as queen. This result was the same for both males and females across all age demographics.

Even if many Canadians do not care about the monarchs or the new king's coronation, most say they will tune in for the ceremony. 

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