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Bobcat in the Squamish Estuary (PHOTOS)

Local photographer Brian Aikens spotted the stunning creature on Feb. 5.

Local photographer Brian Aikens is used to spotting some pretty cool wildlife, but 'Bob,' had been elusive to his lens. 

Until Saturday (Feb. 5) that is. 

He spotted the stunning creature in the Squamish Estuary. 

"After years of hoping for an opportunity, with camera, I finally got to meet Bob.  My first bobcat shots," he told The Squamish Chief in an email. 

According to the provincial government, adult male bobcats usually weigh 9 to 14 kg, while adult females are smaller at 6 to 10 kg.

"Bobcats are essentially solitary, except when in family groups (mother with dependent kittens) and during the breeding season when they are paired for only a few days at a time," the provincial site reads. "Bobcat populations are usually composed of residents that tend to occupy stable home ranges, and transients, a floating population that coexists with the residents."

Bobcats breed from mid-February through March. 

The young are born in May or June.

Always be sure to photograph wildlife ethically. 

Go to WildSafeBC for tips on how to do that. 


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