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Got perimenopause or menopause symptoms? This Squamish hairdresser can help guide you through them

Local stylist Stella Lambrou is becoming a menopause doula.

Perhaps it is the intimacy that comes from someone touching your hair, or maybe it is that getting a new hairdo makes most folks leave the salon feeling better about themselves. 

Whatever the reason, the fact is many people share a lot of personal information with their hairdresser. 

For women, that can lead to discussing issues around their reproductive health — for example, dishing about their perimenopause and menopause symptoms. 

Local stylist Stella Lambrou is combining her growing knowledge of the perimenopause and menopause journey with her work with clients in her chair at Emily's Hair Designs, which is located downtown. 

Lambrou, who recently moved to Squamish from Whistler, is completing her studies and will soon be a menopause doula. 

"A what?" you may ask

Like a birth or death doula, menopause doulas help guide folks through the reproductive health transition women experience in mid-life (or sooner for some). 

For no extra fee on top of her styling prices, she will share what she knows with interested clients.

"I can direct them and help them with tips on how to manage symptoms and how these symptoms translate into their wellbeing and hair," she told The Squamish Chief. 

Doulas are not licensed health care professionals in Canada, so Lambrou cannot and does not diagnose or prescribe, but is there to listen and guide folks to information and resources.

“Menopause is finally having its moment where there are more articles and celebrities talking about it," she said.

"I myself have just come through menopause, so I have some personal experience to add to my profession," she added.

"I want to empower women and help them advocate for themselves."

Like many women, when she started having perimenopause symptoms, such as sudden hot flashes and anxiety, at the start of the pandemic, no-less — she felt confused by it.

"Sometimes you think you're going crazy when you go through this because the hormones really do affect the brain. And things like lack of estrogen in the body affect our heart, it affects our brain, it affects our bones," she said.

Once Lambrou learned more about what was happening to her and what worked for her, she was determined to share that information with others. 

She then began her program through a national school based in Ontario. 

"We need to get rid of this shamefulness because it's not shameful. Every woman goes through it. My job as a doula is to be able to help women advocate for themselves," she said, while sipping tea on a chilly morning last week in the bright and cozy salon on Victoria Street.  

Eventually, Lambrou hopes to also start a meet-up for women undergoing this transition.

For now, she will focus on assisting those clients sitting in her chair who are interested.

"Right now, I'm more grateful to share the knowledge that I have. And you know, if I can get a lady walking out feeling 80% more confident than when she walked in, then I've won, you know? That's great."

Follow Lambrou on Instagram @Stella_hairwhisperer on her website,

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