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It is a seal's life (VIDEO)

Squamish harbour seals catch some sun.

Squamish's Chris Dale captured these harbour seals sunning themselves on the Squamish River on Sept. 2. 

Dale said that the gulls, ravens, and harbour seals are well-fed, with the pink salmon run going on right now. 

Seal facts

A male seal is a bull. A female is a cow. 

Baby seals are called pups.

According to the Marine Mammal Research Unit at the University of British Columbia, male harbour seals can grow to up to two metres in size and can weigh 55 to 170 kilograms; females are a bit smaller and can weigh between 45 to 105 kilograms. 

Males can live up to 25 years, while females have been known to live to 35. 

They can be noisy: males roar underwater to attract mates and may snort, hiss, or sneeze when threatened. 

Courtship and mating among harbour seals take place underwater. 

Females give birth to one pup. 

Within a few hours of the pub being born, it can crawl and swim. 

As soon as weaning is complete, the mother seal will mate again. 

Find out more about them by going to the Research Unit site.