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Masked bandits in the trees at Porteau Cove (Video)

Squamish's Chris Dale captures footage of raccoons at Sea to Sky provincial park. 

Local Chris Dale captured this footage of raccoons at Porteau Cove Provincial Park this week. 

Raccoons are common in the Sea to Sky and throughout Southern B.C., including Haida Gwaii, Vancouver Island and the Southern Interior. 

Raccoons are opportunistic omnivores, according to WildSafeBC

They eat almost anything in other words. 

Here are some tips from the BC SPCA for keeping raccoons safe: 

  • Don’t feed them: When people feed raccoons, it causes them to lose their fear of us and increases their chance of being hit by a car or trapped and killed.
    • Secure garbage bins and compost;
    • Pick up fruit fallen on the ground from trees;
    • Don’t let bird feeders overflow with seeds;
    • Don't leave pet food outside.
  • Supervise pets outdoors: Keep pets indoors from dusk to dawn.
  • Keep cats indoors: The only way to guarantee your cat’s safety is by making them an indoor pet or providing an enclosed area.
  • Keep areas around your house raccoon-free zones: Maintain sheds, garages, and access to crawl spaces and attics to prevent raccoons from moving in.

Always follow guidelines for ethical wildlife photography.