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Meet Squamish locals — goats Daisy and Poppy

These Brackendale mini-Nubians are half-sisters. 

You just never know who you might find living next door in Squamish. 

Daisy and Poppy are 15-month-old half-sisters that live in Brackendale. 

Their humans converted the previous owners' horse stall into a barn space for the pair, Holly Hetherington told The Squamish Chief. 

The goats are mini-Nubians, which are of mixed Nigerian and Nubian origin, according to the Miniature Dairy Goat Association.

"We will breed them this fall in hopes of more kids five months later. They will typically give birth to twins or triplets. To keep the breed small, we will need them with a Nigerian dwarf goat.

Fun facts

Here are some goat facts, according to the BCSPCA:

• A female goat is called a doe or nanny, and a male goat is called a buck or billy. 

• Baby goats are called kids, and when a female goat gives birth it is called kidding. 

• Within minutes of being born, kids are standing and taking their first steps.

• All domestic breeds of goats are descended from mountain goats, making them excellent climbers with great balance.

• Goats are happiest when provided with social interactions with other goats, animals and humans. They know when humans are happy or not and prefer the former. 

• The Canadian Goat Code of Practice is currently being updated. Find out more about that through the National Farm Animal Care Council site. The current code is from 2003. 


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