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New picture and art framing business comes to Squamish

Frame It — which specializes in custom picture and art framing — opens downtown.

Squamish is inherently a creative place. The nature and surroundings draw in art and artists from all corners to explore their talent.

But, art cannot be complete without something to showcase it — and that’s where Frame It hopes to step in.

Less than a month ago, owner Petronella Dochkov-Wiegman opened Frame It, a store specializing in custom picture and art framing. Located on Second Avenue near the Victoria Street intersection, colourful frames hang on the wall just as you enter, and a workbench is near the back with large equipment that helps Dochkov-Wiegman fit frames.

“There's a lot that comes with it,” she said of being a professional picture framer. “You have to know about the value of art and what conservation materials and archival materials fit a specific piece.”

Dochkov-Wiegman said she works with each customer to figure out what they need and then appropriately frames it to help conserve and showcase each photograph or piece of art. She has a variety of frames for sale, plus budget-friendly options. She can also add details to the frames to highlight specific parts of the artwork.

“If, for instance, you would want to frame the little troll,” she said while pointing at a doll with neon pink hair. “I could make an exactly pink frame like that to match it.”

Additionally, she offers surface cleaning for oil or acrylic paintings, picture frame repair and canvas stretching.

Dochkov-Wiegman didn’t start as a professional picture framer but as a copywriter.

“I found myself being a bit frustrated being behind the computer every day, all day long,” she said. “I really wanted to change that.”

She said she’s always been creative, so she spent a year doing nature photography in South Africa. But, making it as a professional photographer is quite a long shot.

“So I thought, let's search for a corner where I can combine these passions,” she said. “And I came upon the picture framing angle and that gives me a really nice way to work with art and photography and work with artists and share their passion.”

Dochkov-Wiegman and her family moved to Canada in June 2022 from the Netherlands. She said the response has been outstanding despite having recently settled in Squamish and opened the store.

“For instance, I had people coming back already,” she said with a laugh.

“I’m very thankful to land in such a supportive community.”

Currently, the store is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information about Frame It and about Dochkov-Wiegman, please visit

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