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Photos: The bear cubs are back in town, Squamish

Cubs spotted in the University Heights area of town, meaning it is time to be very bear-aware.

Photographer Robert Davidson Keir spotted these adorable cubs in the University Heights area of Squamish on May 27. 

This is a reminder to locals and visitors to be bear aware. 

According to WildSafe BC, black bears account for 14,000 to 25,000 calls per year to the Conservation Officer Service. 

"While most bear encounters result in the bear leaving an area, they can become more assertive or destructive when they have learned to associate humans and their activities with food," reads the WildSafe BC website. 

The District of Squamish offers the following advice for if you encounter a bear on a trail: 

The key to staying safe on the trails is to avoid surprise encounters:

  • Make noise by using your voice i.e. talk, sing, or give a shout out when approaching a blind corner, near rivers, or near natural bear food.
  • Riding or running quickly and quietly puts you at a higher risk for surprise encounters. Slow down going around blind corners and make noise.
  • Look for signs of recent bear activity i.e. claw marks on trees, fresh scat, day beds, ripped apart logs or overturned boulders.
  • Hike in groups.
  • Be extra aware during the early morning and early evening hours.
  • Leash dogs. Keep dogs on trails.
  • Pack out what you pack in.

If you encounter a bear

  • Stop, stay calm and assess the situation
  • Do not run
  • Never turn your back on wildlife
  • Back away slowly and give the bear space
  • Talk calmly
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Ready your deterrent

All bears that are aggressive in nature, or sightings in urban areas, should be reported to the Conservation Officer Service (1-877-952-7277).


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