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Recession proof your business

Osing to present ideas for business success at Chamber of Commerce lunch

In today's economic climate, news of businesses dying doesn't come as a surprise, but Roy Osing claims to know the secret to success.

Osing, President and CEO of Brilliance for Business, is presenting his ideas on immunizing your business against the challenging economic climate at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon, Tuesday (Feb. 17) at 11:30 a.m. at the North Vancouver Outdoor School.

"I talk about what separates businesses and organizations that go beyond survival to prospering in the face of the challenges and uncertainties of today's chaotic marketplace," Osing said.

Osing is the author of BE DIFFERENT or be dead: Your Business Survival Handbook, which outlines practical ways to make your business successful. Osing said his methods are simple and straightforward.

"I really try and put theory into practice unlike a lot of other consultants. People are grabbing onto these ideas more than ever before."

In his book and seminars, Osing said the focus is on strategies he has personally developed and executed. He said his ideas have been "road tested" in the real world.

"I have successfully implemented these ideas in businesses varying in size and complexity. As experience shows there is a big difference between an idea that should work and one that actually does."

Osing is a business consultant and senior executive leader with over 30 years experience creating and building businesses. For starters, Osing said, it is important to differentiate your company from the competition and serve customers rather than service them.

"I recognize a number of companies in the book that are using these principles and doing very well," he said. "The whole premise is you have to be unique and carve out a special place in the marketplace."

Osing points to a number of companies such as the Fairmont Chateau Whistler, whose success is based on above and beyond customer satisfaction.

"There are a lot of companies out there doing the right thing and a lot more who aren't. My work is to ensure that more companies succeed," he said.

After retiring Osing, delved into the world of inspirational speaking and it's become his passion. Osing established Brilliance for Business a few years ago as a vehicle to take BE DIFFERENT ideas to organizations through consulting engagements, seminars and private coaching.

"I spent 33 years working in the business world ad this is my way of giving back and having fun doing it," Osing said.

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