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See volunteers erect land-based structure for purple martins in Squamish Estuary

Discover how the Squamish Environment Society's project aims to support the nesting season of Western purple martins, a blue-listed species, by providing specially designed nesting structures.

Squamish Environment Society volunteers were out on Sunday erecting the second purple martin nesting box structure in the Squamish Estuary. 

The foundations were placed at the beginning of April, and on April 7, the structure with approximately 15 boxes was put up. 

Some boxes have cameras so that the martins can be tracked and observed.

Last year, the first structure was installed. 

The project began, however, back in 2015, with a single nest box. More boxes were added over the years.

In 2023, the boxes transitioned from being water-based to the first specially designed land-based structure.

(See the video of last year's project.)

There are now about 30 boxes for the birds.

What is special about purple martins?

Western purple martins are a blue-listed species, which means they are at risk, though not extirpated, endangered, or threatened.

The migratory birds are expected to arrive in April. 

They winter in South America, typically in Brazil.

Nesting season is between May and July. 

Learn more about purple martins on the Canadian Wildlife Federation site.

Find out much more about the nesting box project on the Squamish Environment Society website.


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