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Squamish Quilters' Guild back stitching together

The guild of 20 members has given out 66 quilts to locals in the last year.
Gloria Swain
Squamish Quilters' Guild.

Sharon Bozman is relatively new to the Squamish Quilters' Guild, but she is not new to quilting or the support a guild provides. 

"I learned to sew in high school home [economics]," she recalled. "I just loved sewing and dabbled in it for many years." 

Raising her family and working full time, she put sewing and quilting to the side for many years. 

But later, when she lived in Courtenay, she joined the Comox Valley Schoolhouse Quilters' Guild and loved that. She joined Squamish's guild when she moved here a year ago to be closer to her son and his family.

The Squamish Quilters Guild was formed in September, 1996.

"Quilters are a very creative, caring, compassionate group of women," Bozman said, adding that men are welcome, too.

Bozman said through tough times in her life, fellow quilters have helped pull her through. 

Beyond the creative and companionship aspects, quilters also pride themselves on giving back to their community, especially in Squamish. 

"This particular group, the Squamish quilters, are prolific at giving out community quilts — that is their passion. It is part of giving back to your community. A quilt is sort of a hug to support someone else," she said. 

In just the last year, the Squamish guild of 20 members has given out 66 quilts. 

Local community agencies that have received quilts include Sea to Sky Hospice, the Howe Sound Women's Centre, and the Healthy Pregnancy Outreach Program

The group also donates quilts to anyone they hear may need one, such as fire victims or others in difficult situations. 

Like most groups, last year, the Squamish guild met via Zoom, but has started up its in-person meetings again at the Sandman Hotel.

The guild meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m 

In the evening, the group comes together for a short meeting.  There is often an educational component, as quilters are always learning from one another. 

"It is the love of sewing; it is the love of creating; it is the bonding that occurs between the women. It is the sharing of ideas. It is giving back to the community and sharing the comfort of a quilt," she said. 

Current COVID protocols are adhered to.

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