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Video: Watch this Squamish family of mergansers on a day out

Calming footage shows merganser and her chicks in a Brackendale pond.
Cliff Jennings/Vimeo 2022-07-06 at 2.03.14 PM

Feeling stressed? This wildlife video may be just the trick to calm the nerves. 

Squamish's Cliff Jennings captured this footage this week of what he called a "daycare" of mergansers on a Brackendale pond.

According to All About Birds, a website that is part of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, mergansers are identifiable in that they are smaller than a Canada goose and slightly larger than a mallard.

Unlike other types of ducks, the merganser's bill is straight and narrow.

Females have a sort of 1980s mullet — crests — on the backs of their heads.

Here are some more All About Birds facts about mergansers: 

• They dive underwater to catch fish

• After the chicks leave the nest in summer, the female stays with them as they grow up while males gather in flocks

• In winter, mergansers form large flocks on inland reservoirs and rivers

• They stay in these tight flocks to feed and court during the cold months. 

• In migration and winter, they mix with other fish-eating, diving ducks such as bufflehead, goldeneyes, and other species of mergansers.


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