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Girls' Night Out

It's hard to satisfy 200 women, but the Men of Sea to Sky had what it took.

It's hard to satisfy 200 women, but the Men of Sea to Sky had what it took. The first-time fundraiser organized by the Rotary Club of Squamish at the Eagle Eye Theatre last Friday (June 5) was a smash success, with more than $12,000 raised for 10 local charities.

"We hoped the show would be an appropriate vehicle to raise awareness and money for local charities, but our success in terms of star power, and audience satisfaction was even beyond our expectations," said organizer Judy McQuinn.

"I think it is safe to say that the Men of Sea To Sky have a wealth of talent."

The Men of Sea To Sky show was an experiment. The all-male show was originally McQuinn's idea but fellow Rotarian Bill McNeney fine tuned the concept, and with the help of the Rotary Club the end result was a show bringing ten local charities, each with a male performer of exceptional talent.

The men were vying for a cash prize for their charity on stage, while their respective charities solicited support in the foyer. Each ticket holder held ten votes with a dollar value; by placing their vote with a specific booth they were contributing money to that charity. The charities used a variety of gifts and games to encourage the votes from the ladies.

"It was great fun," says McQuinn.

The acts in order of appearance were: Moritz Behm for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, George McKenzie for the Squamish Health Care Foundation, Travis Woods for The Skateboard Park, Juan De Marius for Sea To Sky Community Services, Norm Foote for the Squamish Logger's Sports Association, Davy's Locker for the Squamish Virtues Committee, Ueli Liechti for West Coast Railway Heritage Museum, Patrick Wadge for Cedar Valley School, Mike Hughesman for the Breakfast Club for Children and Gordon Durocher for the Rotary Club.

A panel of judges judged the acts on creativity, stage presence, artistry, audience participation and bribes. "The men were very well matched," said McQuinn. "It was difficult to imagine who would win because the acts were varied and all really excellent. Everyone seemed to have a favorite."

In the end the range of votes for all of the acts was very narrow. Gord Durocher played two original piano pieces to a gorgeous video his wife produced. The final act of the evening, he silenced and awed the crowd with his phenomenal talent and took home the top prize.

Second place was a tie between two comedic acts - Patrick Wadge, who had the audience fully participating in his hilarious and original full-theatre dance, and Norm Foote, who sang with the help of his first love Patricia, a homely local girl and the logger who stole Patricia away.

Juno award winner John Bottomley played several songs before and after sets. He added immeasurably to the enjoyment and entertainment of the evening.

"We only had ten unsold tickets which is an amazing show of community support for an untried event," said McQuinn. "The ten participating charities will take away the evening's profit of almost $12,000."

Denise Imbeau, the evening's MC, noted that the audience responded with a rock-concert zeal not often seen in Squamish.

"The women cheered their favorite acts with unbridled enthusiasm, sometimes throwing flowers, sometime kisses, sometimes lingerie," she said. "It was total madcap fun.

"When the men came out for their final catwalk the all-female audience almost came unglued. We were having so much fun; I forgot we were doing it for charity."

The Squamish Rotary Club wishes to thank all the male performers, the charities involved and the wonderful audience for the successful event.

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