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Howe Sound Music Festival recognizes local talent

The Squamish-based festival has released a list of scholarship winners and provincial delegates.
This year’s Howe Sound Music Festival has minted its scholarship recipients and recommended some representatives for the provincial stage.

Earlier this month, from March 15 to 20, about 100 students from Lions Bay to D’Arcy participated in an adjudicated workshop that recognized local talent.

The event, which was held at St. John the Divine Anglican Church, has declared who has won its piano and vocal scholarships.

Some musicians were also picked to represent local communities as a provincial level.

The results are as follows:


Young Musician Award: Performer 10 yrs or under — Aya Pateman

Level Preparatory — 1 Sophia Andrews

Level 2 - 3 — Abigail Garritsen

Level 4-6 — Zander Comeau

Level 7-10 — Haruna Sears

Engaged Musicianship — Lia Braun

Most Promising Level 5 — Dominic Albat

Most Promising Level 6 — Julie Schaber

Top Performance of a Sonata or Sonatina — Sylvan Ashbaugh

Top Performance of a Post Romantic Composition — Sierra Fox

Top Performance of a Pop Composition — Bode Pearson

Top Performance of a 20th/21st Century Composition Level 4 — Grace Lee

Top Performance of a 20th/ 21st Century Composition Level 5 — Estelle Joel

Top Performance of a 20th/ 21st Century Composition Level 6 — Kaitlyn Regehr

Award in Recognition of an Outstanding Performance — Haruna Sears

In Recognition of a Passionate / Expressive Performance, Piano — Jade Miller

Top Performance of an Etude — Stella Schwartz


Recommendation for Performing Arts BC 2021 

Intermediate Merited Participant Piano —  Haruna Sears


Young Musician Award: Performer 12 and under — Melanie Booth

Top Performance of 12 and under Repertoire — Natalie Good

Top Performance of a Modern or Popular 12 and under — Reid Carino

Top Performance of a Folk Song 12 and under — Chloe Rice

Top Performance of Modern/Popular 14 and under — Sephira Drzymala

Top Perfomance of a Ballad 14 and under — Phoebe Murray

Top Performance of an Up-tempo 14 and under — Cameron Gillie

Most Promising Vocalist 15 years and Under — Katie Moran

Most Promising Vocalist 18 years and Under — Zoe Carter

Classical Vocalist — Madison Blackman

Musical Theatre Vocalist — Sonoma Brawley

Top Performance of German Lieder — Lucy Gill

Top Perfomance of a Folk Song Intermediate Level — Zora Jajic

Top Performance Art Song Intermediate Level — Lucy Gill

Top Performance of a Canadian composition — Melanie Booth

Folk Song Book Award Charlotte — Gadbois Schuett

Recognition of an Outstanding Performance — Zach Stubley

Recognition of a Passionate/ Expressive Performance of a Ballad — Zora Jajic

Top Performance of a Concert Class — Madison Blackman

Top Performance of a Recital Class 16 and under — Lucy Gill

Top Performance of a Recital Class 18 and under — Morgan Brown

Top Art Song 14 and under — Vanessa Steinberg

Triple Threat Musical Theatre Award — Sonoma Brawley

Recommendation for Performing Arts BC 2021


Junior Merited Participant — Vanessa Steinberg

Intermediate Delegate — Lucy Gill

Musical Theatre:

Junior Merited Participants — Cameron Gillie, Sephira Drzymala

Intermediate Delegate — Sonoma Brawley

Intermediate Merited Participant — Zach Stubley