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ICYMI: Squamish singer-songwriter Alex Badger releases new single 'Gum' about relationship dynamics

'Gum' explores the addiction to unhealthy patterns in love, through the lens of Badger, who is poised for a year of new music.

As she releases a new single, Gum, Squamish singer-songwriter Alex Badger is all in on her music career. 

Badger, who previously released her debut solo single, Follow, said that, like most artists, she has felt a push-pull between the financial need to support herself and her passion for music. 

She said that over the last year, she has pushed through the phase of wondering whether she should keep going or do something else.

"Music is what I want to do, and there's no looking back. So, I'll do whatever it takes to fund it. If that means bartending for the next five years, I'll do it," she said. 

Released on March 14, Gum is about being ghosted in a relationship, she said. 

"I was just aware of my own patterns, and aware of my own addiction to that push-pull dynamic in a relationship," she said, adding the song could apply to anything people should not be attracted to but are, like alcohol and cigarettes—and gum. 

"It's basically just about the cycle of wanting something you shouldn't be wanting," she said. 

The video is Squamish through and through. It features Badger's elementary school, Brackendale Elementary, the Brackendale General Store, Fisherman's Park, and her family home, the old Judd Farm.

The video was produced by locals Nicole Marshall and Harper Wellman.

Badger has been part of bands before, but with her first release in November, she is standing on her own two feet (with help from her team).

"It feels awesome. I feel very free. It's exciting,” she said. 

There are more singles coming and an extended play (EP) by the end of the year, she said.

"I'm happy to have [Gum] out there as an example. But I'm really looking forward to releasing my next songs that I have been working on," she said, adding the upcoming songs are heavier and from her soul.

Asked for any final thoughts she wanted to share, Badger said, "I'm just really excited for the future. And I can't wait to show everyone what I can do."

Gum can be heard on Spotify or any streaming platform. 

The video can be seen on YouTube.

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