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UPDATED: SLRD rescinds evacuation alert

Previously, Paradise Valley residents were told to be ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

The SLRD has rescinded its evacuation alert for the Upper Paradise Valley.

Previously, yesterday, amid a raging torrential rainstorm, residents in the Paradise Valley were issued an evacuation alert, urging them to be ready to evacuate at a moment’s notice.

Torrential rainfall  created flood hazards, prompting the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District to issue an evacuation alert on a number of properties in the area.

“Because of the potential danger to life and health, the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District has issued an Evacuation Alert,” reads a notice from the SLRD.

An evacuation alert means that residents must be prepared to leave their property due to potentially dangerous conditions.

An evacuation order is the next step up, and means that people should leave their homes as a result of dangerous conditions. The SLRD will co-ordinate with first responders to facilitate the safe evacuation of community members if evacuation by road is not possible.

However, officials cautioned that sections of Paradise Valley Road may be flooded and not safe to travel by foot or vehicle. In those cases, do not attempt to cross deep or fast-moving water.

The SLRD has also listed several guidelines as to what to do in this case: 

— Locate all family members and designate a meeting area outside the evacuation area, should an Evacuation Order be called while separated.

— Pack essential items such as government-issued ID, medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers (e.g. insurance, credit, and mortgage information), immediate care needs for dependents and, if time and space permits, keepsakes for quick departure.

— Prepare to move disabled persons, children and/or neighbours, if assistance is needed.

— Prepare to take pets with you and move livestock to a safe area (if possible).

— If transportation assistance is needed, call SLRD EOC at (604) 698-6442 or (604) 356 3082.

Wait for an Evacuation Order to be issued before evacuating.

The evacuation alert applied to the following areas listed in this notice.