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Community gratitude abounds after Brackendale Fall Fair triumph

Record-breaking turnout at 25th Brackendale Fall Fair wows attendees and organizer.

The 25th Brackendale Fall Fair was one for the record books. 

While event producer Glenne Campbell said the final numbers haven't been tabulated quite yet, she can confidently say it was record-breaking.

Over 5,000, she thinks. 

While there was plenty of advance promotion of the fair, Campbell said she knew it was going to be a busy event when she saw the satire site, @squamishsasquatch on Instagram make a post about it.

"Once I saw that, I went OK, this is going to be new Squamish and old Squamish," she said, adding she was heartened by the diversity at the fair. 

"I love it. I've worked really hard the past four years on diversity, equity and inclusion work and just went, this is so incredible. It is a sign of our times."

Beyond the excellent turnout for the event, Campbell said two other highlights stood out. 

Well-known local Bill Berg, the last remaining living founding member of the Brackendale Farmers' Institute, was able to come by — with the help of a community of supporters.

As he has had some health issues of late, it took the co-ordination of Krissy Loffler, Kirby Brown, and Jessica and Jon Rigg to get him there in an "exquisite electric wheelchair," Campbell said. 

"My heart just sang. That was a huge highlight," she said. 

Another highlight was when a long-time resident named Dan, brought an item wrapped in a cloth for Campbell to see. 

The chalice on a wooden base turned out to be a Brackendale Institute Fall Fair Mackenzie Challenge Cup awarded to John Sandhoff for the "Best Aggregate in Chickens,” in 1922. 

"I mean, Bill opening and the cup closing? It just made my heart sing," Campbell said. 

She credited the approximately 130 volunteers for all their work putting on the fair this year. 

Special thanks goes to Derek Smith, she said, who voluntarily maintained the park for the past 25 years, but has had to retire.

Asked how the community can support the fair before the 2024 event, Campbell pointed to purchasing a membership to the Brackendale Farmers' Institute ( and signing up to volunteer. 

She also reminded attendees that it is a two-day event, with exhibits on Friday. 

"If people want to get more involved, they have to start right now planning their crops or their jams or their gardens or wherever for next year, so they can enter," she said. "Everyone loves that ribbon that they get."

Campbell said she is already in planning mode for next year while also sending out a big thank you to the community for this year's success.

"I just want to say thank you to everybody. It was a beautiful day," she said. "I just thank everyone for bringing their best selves forward."

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