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Did you know it is Welcoming Week in Squamish?

Squamish Newcomer Services is celebrating those who make newcomers feel at home during Welcoming Week, which runs through to Sept. 18, across the Sea to Sky Corridor. 
How does your business or organization make folks new to Squamish, who have arrived from other countries, feel welcome?

It is Welcoming Week in Squamish. 

This is an opportunity to celebrate those in the corridor who make newcomers feel welcome. 

Squamish Newcomer Services and Whistler Multicultural Society are celebrating Welcoming Week, which runs Sept. 9 through to Sept. 18, across the Sea to Sky Corridor.  

The idea is to highlight Squamish businesses, community members, and local service providers, who support immigrants and newcomers, according to a news release from Squamish Newcomer Services (based on Cleveland at the Hot Spot.).

The organization, a partner of Whistler Multicultural Society, provides newcomers and immigrants in town with information and support to adapt to and be successful in their new country. 

This year’s nationally recognized Welcoming Week marks the 10th anniversary of the global event. 

It is Canada’s third year participating across the country. 

“Making newcomers and immigrants feel welcome is especially important in the Sea to Sky communities where we rely so much on them to keep our businesses open,” the release states. 

In the 2016 census, 18% of Squamish residents were newcomers/immigrants. 

“During Welcoming Week, it’s time to focus on embracing the many new residents who move  here from all over the world and choose our communities to live and work in.” 

Here’s how to get involved: 

 ● Squamish Newcomer Services will host a multicultural potluck and dance showcasing a traditional African dance on Wednesday, Sept. 14th, from 6 to 8 p.m. 

For registration, fill out this form: Multicultural Dance and Potluck ( or contact for more information. 

 ●  Accept the Welcoming Challenge

People who want to participate can share a picture of themselves, their employees, their friends, colleagues, or family members while holding a sign saying “I’m a Welcomer” on social media. 

Squamish locals can accept the challenge and participate by following this link where they can find all the instructions and information they need: