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Here’s how much people in Squamish make

Latest census release shows large income gaps between men and women.

Based on measurements of average total income by Statistics Canada, women in Squamish made up to $30,000 less than men in the same age category for 2020 — the year that the pandemic began its tear through the economy.

The release of census data, which occurred on July 13, shows the average total income for Squamish residents based on their age and gender.

Results from data gathered in 2021 offer a breakdown of women’s average total income as follows below on the leftmost column. Additional information on each different percentile of the population is also available. Anyone listed in the top 90th percentile makes more money than 90% of income-earners in that category, and so on. So, for example, women aged 15 to 24 in the 90th percentile are listed as having an income of about $40,000. That means 90% of women aged 15 to 24 makes less than $40,000.



-Chart via Statistics Canada


The breakdown for men’s average income, seen below on the leftmost column, is higher at all age groups, sometimes by margins as high as $30,000.


-Chart via Statistics Canada


The highest earners in the Squamish dataset were men 45 to 54 in the 90th percentile of their age group. Their average income was $172,000

The top-earning women in Squamish were in the same age range and percentile. Their average income was $118,000.



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