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Man eludes RCMP twice in Squamish Valley chases


It took two vehicle pursuits and a foot chase but the RCMP arrested a man who is not supposed to be in Squamish.

Keith Allan Sider, 27, was ordered by a judge not to be found in the District of Squamish after Sider made a court appearance on May 12 relating to an assault charge connected to an incident in Squamish on April 25.

According to Cpl. Dave Ritchie, Sider left the courthouse in North Vancouver and some time later Sider made his way to Squamish. He was spotted by the RCMP and arrested again that day. Sider appeared in court the next day accused of breaching his release conditions. The court ordered Sider once again on May 13 to stay out of Squamish.

Ritchie said that Sider was spotted in Squamish just four days after that on May 17.

The police saw him driving a black Dodge pick-up truck. An attempt to stop the vehicle failed. When the vehicle didn't stop a pursuit was initiated but Ritchie said the chase was called off on the Squamish Valley Road because the pursuit became too hazardous.

The next day, the police spotted Sider again in the same pick-up. Again there was a hazardous pursuit, said Ritchie. The second pursuit was also abandoned on the Squamish Valley Road.

The RCMP determined the vehicle Sider was driving was stolen from a car lot at Function Junction. According to Ritchie, the Whistler RCMP was notified that the vehicle was missing from the car lot and the Whistler RCMP shared the information with the police in Squamish. Ritchie also noted the plates on the stolen truck were from a vehicle owned by someone Sider knows.

Two days later, the RCMP caught up with Sider and successfully brought him into custody after yet another chase.

"On May 20, Sider was observed by members on foot patrol in the downtown core of Squamish," said Ritchie. "Sider fled on foot when members attempted to arrest him. A foot chase ensued and Sider was located in a downtown apartment hiding in a bathtub behind a shower curtain."

Sider was arrested and held in the jail cells at the RCMP building on Finch Drive through the holiday long weekend. He appeared in court on Tuesday (May 24) and made a subsequent appearance the next day.Sider was kept in custody between the two hearings.

Court documents indicate Sider was sentenced to six months in jail following a court appearance on Wednesday (May 25).

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