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Squamish police briefs

A speeding driver and the theft of tools and sunglasses in this week’s RCMP roundup

No need for speed

A caller reported a possible case of impaired driving after spotting a vehicle driving extremely slowly, then accelerating to 115 kilometres per hour in a 70-kilometre zone on May 23.

RCMP pulled the driver over.

Officers found the driver was not impaired, but did not have a valid driver licence.

The driver was issued tickets and the vehicle towed. The driver and occupants of the vehicle took a taxi back to Surrey.


Stolen tools

Police said tools were stolen from a vehicle on the 2000-block of Mamquam Road on May 19.

Officers say there was a male and female observed to be “scoping out the area.”

When confronted, the pair said they lived there, but neighbours said that was not true.


Shady business

RCMP say Black Maui Jim sunglasses, brown Revo sunglasses, red Xpex sunglasses and other personal items and tools were stolen on May 20.

Officers say keys on a blue lanyard, a single key on a red rope lanyard, a Swiss army multi-tool with name engraved on it, a BaoFeng VHF radio, and a yellow multi-tip screwdriver also went missing after a thief broke into a vehicle.




· Total Number of Files: 172

· False Alarm Calls: 10

· False/Abandoned 911 Calls: 4

· Collision Investigations: 7

· Mental Health Act Calls: 2

· Theft from Vehicle Calls: 4