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ICYMI: Reduce, Reuse, Ride: New Squamish bike tire recycling depot opens

Tantalus Bike Shop hosts bike tire and tube depot, providing free recycling services and turning waste into valuable resources.
Riders in Squamish put their tires to the test on local trails; now, there's another option for recycling them.

Being the mountain biking mecca Squamish is, riders on local trails race through many tires and tubes. 

But where to take the discarded ones? 

Previously, they could be taken to the Squamish Landfill, but now another option exists. 

A new Bike Tire and Tube Recycling Depot opened in Squamish on Monday (Feb. 12), according to a news release from the Squamish Off-Road Cycling Association (SORCA).

"The landfill provides a recycling option for bike tires and tubes. Yet, we recognize that the inconvenience and cost are deterrents to the vast number of worn tires and tubes that our bike-crazy community and cycling visitors go through every year," the release states. 

It is estimated that upwards of 4,000 tires and tubes end up in our landfill annually, according to the release. 

The service is free at the new facility, which is located immediately behind Tantalus Bike Shop at 40194 Glenalder Pl.

"Ensuring your old tires will be diverted from landfills and repurposed into landscaping mulch, athletic tracks, turf fields or playground surfaces around B.C.," the release states.

SORCA thanked the folks at Tantalus for the investment in the new bike tire and tube facility and their commitment to support making sure the used tires are bundled to the specifications of  Tire Stewardship BC, a non-profit that runs tire recycling programs in the province. 

SORCA also gave a nod to Jeremy Valeriote, the BC Greens MLA Candidate for West Vancouver - Sea to Sky, for "the time and energy he has invested in this project."


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