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SLRD approves upping pay for board chairs

The regional district moved to bring board chair pay in-line with the provincial average
Squamish-Lillooet Regional District offices in Pemberton.

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District approved changes to its pay for board members last month, with the chair and vice chair set to see a doubling of their pay to bring it in line with the median pay for regional districts in the province, and in line with previous increases in director pay.

Under the changes approved at the May 22 board meeting, the annual indemnity paid to the chair of the SLRD board will go from $12,501, to $24,807—an increase of more than 98 per cent.

Likewise, the annual indemnity paid to the vice chair of the SLRD board will rise from $2,073 to $4,844—an increase of 133 per cent.

The sums awarded to the chair and vice chair come on top of the pay they receive as either an electoral area director, or a municipal director serving on the SLRD board.

For the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, electoral area directors receive an annual stipend of $35,378, while municipal directors receive $17,693.

Currently, Whistler Councillor Jen Ford serves as chair of the SLRD, while electoral Area B Director, Vivian Birch-Jones, serves as vice chair. They were both acclaimed to the positions in November last year for 2024.

The remuneration rate now reflected in the bylaw is aligned with the median regional district stipends for directors across the province, which was the rationale for the changes.

Compared to other regional districts, SLRD area and municipal directors are paid more than average when considering 2023 financial year numbers as compiled by SLRD staff, when the average pay across 11 regional districts was reported to be $30,146 for area directors, and $15,493 for municipal directors. Conversely, the pay for board chairs and vice-chairs is below average, at $28,146 and $5,737 respectively.

The SLRD board consists of four area directors and seven municipal directors.

Board directors voted to give the three readings, and adoption to the changes at the May 22 board meeting.

Now approved, the new rates will be applied in 2025.

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