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Squamish flybrary sees new additions

Adam Raymakers added another flybrary in Paradise Valley and a recycling tube for discarded fishing line near the Mamquam River.
Adam Raymakers has added a recycling tube for old fishing line at the first flybrary spot.

Since installing the first flybrary in Squamish just over a year ago, creator Adam Raymakers has installed a couple more additions.

The first flybrary was put up near the Mamquam River just off of Government Road in the Northyards area of Squamish. The flybrary is a spot where fishers can take a fly if they need one or they can leave an extra or two behind.

Now, Raymakers has added another flybrary at the Cheakamus River just past the Bailey Bridge as well as a recycling tube for old fishing line at the first flybrary spot.

“We're extremely lucky to have access to these rivers and they're getting more pressure as the community grows,” said Raymakers. “So, just sort of a reminder to promote community and responsible use of rivers and watersheds.”

The recycling tube is in partnership with Clear Your Gear, a project founded to help clean up old, discarded fishing line around Canada and the U.S. Raymakers said he periodically empties the tube of the leftover fishing line and then makes sure it gets recycled properly.

“The overall impact of people just recycling fishing line might be small, but I think the intention is in the right direction,” he said.

While Raymakers started the flybrary project as a hobby, he said it’s been fun to see more people becoming interested and using them.

“Originally, when I put it up, I wasn't really sure how it was going to be received,” he said. “But I can say now, it's been almost unanimously positive.”

When asked if he had any more plans for flybraries or recycling tubes, he said he has a couple more spots for both in mind, but he doesn’t want to go overboard and install them everywhere.

“A few central locations is great,” he said with a laugh.

Raymakers said there are always more conversations to be had about keeping the rivers and environment cleaner, and hopefully, these libraries and recycling tubes will serve as reminders.

“I think the whole point of all of these things is just to really instill a sense of community and responsibility,” he said.

For more information about the Squamish Flybraries by Raymakers, visit You can also see updates on Instagram at

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