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Whistler Blackcomb Foundation donates to three Squamish organizations

Squamish SAR, Hospital Foundation and Pickleball Squamish are the recipients.
Squamish SAR Sept. 22 2021
Squamish Search and Rescue during one of their rescues this year.SAR is the recipient of $75,000 from the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation.

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation has awarded money to three Squamish organizations.

On Dec. 8, the foundation announced in a press release that Squamish Search and Rescue, the Squamish Hospital Foundation and Pickleball Squamisih will all be receiving grants from the organization.

A $75,000 grant will be helping Squamish SAR secure a new space to store its ever-increasing amount of equipment.

In the release, the foundation said the increase in call volume for Squamish SAR has prompted the organization to grow to meet the demand.

“This has resulted in an immediate need to increase onsite storage for vehicles and equipment, as well as a space for training their members. This increase in space will help safeguard, protect, and ensure the longevity of the SSAR,” reads the release. “This grant will pay

for the materials and installation of the new building.”

More than $15,000 was given to the Squamish Hospital Foundation to purchase six holter monitors.

The foundation said the devices allow a patient’s heart rhythm to be monitored.

This will allow cardiologists to better understand the patient’s condition more quickly and begin initial treatments and medications.

The Whistler Foundation also said it donated money to Pickleball Squamish, though it did not disclose the amount given in this case.

This set of donations is part of a $400,000 package distributed to charities throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor.