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Get the Ultimate thrill

When playing Ultimate, you'll definitely sweat but you won't have to swear.

When playing Ultimate, you'll definitely sweat but you won't have to swear.

Ultimate Frisbee, which combines elements of soccer and basketball (using a disc instead of a ball), is taking off with athletes looking for something new and unique, without having to deal with the pressure to perform.

The object of the game is to pass the disc down field and catch it in your opponent's end zone to score a point. You can't contact other players and you must establish a pivot foot prior to throwing.

"It's an incredibly fun sport where all players are supportive of one another," said Craig Davidiuk, a local Ultimate fanatic who hopes to see the sport grow in Squamish. "It seems to attract a different type of person - one who still wants an excellent workout but without the overbearing competitiveness that can intimidate players. It's really a fun and friendly atmosphere."

Established in 1967, Ultimate and has become one of the fastest growing sports in North America. The sport's unique self-refereed rules structure attracts people who put fair play ahead of everything else. Respect for your opponent is paramount. On top of that it combines the athleticism of soccer with finesse of golf. People who traditionally haven't enjoyed team sports often find Ultimate very appealing.

"I didn't really like team sports because of the intense competitive nature, but Ultimate is different," said Davidiuk, who spreads the appeal of the sport through his website www.playulty. com. "Ultimate players really respect one another. Nobody's out here to push anyone else."

Ultimate is not new to Squamish, but it's popularity is starting to gain momentum. Davidiuk held two successful tournaments in Squamish in 1999 and 2000, prior to becoming a resident.

"We feel Ultimate can really take off here in Squamish. It appeals to the transient climbing community as well as the locals who are looking for something different. You'll definitely get a work out and you won't hear Ultimate players yelling anything but kudos from the sidelines," said Davidiuk.

Davidiuk hopes to eventually have a league in Squamish with four, five or six teams, and invites all anyone interested to come out and give the sport a try.

Players and newbies are welcome to attend Ultimate evenings at Brackendale Elementary Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. for free skills clinics and pick up games. Games will switch to Brennan Park in July. Bring cleats (or at least shoes), water and a dark/light shirt. A small fee may be charged at a later date.

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