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Pedal to Metal series wraps up

Squamish youth honoured at Test of Metal race

The four-race Pedal to the Metal series wrapped up on June 11 and the winners got a chance to celebrate on the same podium as the Test of Metal champions.

The bike series showcases some of the best Grade 3 to 7 riders in Squamish and champions were crowned after four intense races in the trails of Brackendale.

Points were tallied over all four races with the top five racers in each division receiving points (first five, second four, third three, fourth two and fifth one). Participants received medals based on final point totals from the four races.

Top three finishers were:

Grade 3 Girls: 1) Elly Hoskin; 2) Kaida Fieldhouse; 3) Kinua McWatt/Sophia Purves.

Grade 3 Boys: 1) William Theed; 2) Jackson Goldstone; 3) Owen Scrath.

Grade 4 Girls: 1) Teigen Pascual; 2) Siena Dickson; 3) Cassidy Butterworth.

Grade 4 Boys: 1) Larson Rickli; 2) Micheal Weiland; 3) Ben Thompson.

Grade 5 Girls: 1) Cammie Rushbrook; 2) Micheala Hoskin; 3) Bayli Goldstone.

Grade 5 Boys: 1) Josh Cormack; 2) Jhett Verner; 3) Skyler Beauregard.

Grade 6 Girls: 1) Maja Woolley.

Grade 6 Boys: 1) Cameron Fielding; 2) Micheal Lane; 3) Tom Weiland.

Grade 7 Girls: 1) Julia Long; 2) Sorsha Henning; 3) Gemma Bexton.

Grade 7 Boys: 1) Jack Cormack; 2) Micheal Murdoch/Kyle Sorensen; 3) Carter Krasney.