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Squamish skater making waves across Canada

15-year-old Presley Huska has been competing all summer in skateboard competitions, hoping to one day make the Canada Skateboard National Team.

Fresh off of competitions around Canada this summer, a local skateboarder is showing progress on the contest circuit with the ultimate goal of riding for the national team.

The 15-year-old Presley Huska has made waves in competitions in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Halifax this summer. The skater said some of the highlights from the last few months included the competitions in Winnipeg and Halifax.

“It was really fun,” he said of the Winnipeg competition. “That was probably my best trip of the summer.”

And, it shows.

Huska earned third place and second place in Winnipeg and Halifax and other awards like “Mind the Gap” Best Trick along the way for a backside noseblunt on a hip. That trick involves Huska twisting himself and the nose of the board onto the edge of a ramp and then popping out of it after balancing.

In Vancouver, Huska earned the Swatch “Who to Watch” Award and the Slurpee Slam Award in Calgary.

Although 15-years-old may sound young, Huska is no newbie when it comes to skating.

“I’ve been skateboarding since I was two and a half or three years old,” he recalled.

From those early days until now, it’s become something he can’t go without.

“Nowadays, it's just part of my life,” he said. “I can’t not skateboard.”

Heading into Grade 11 this upcoming school year, Huska’s goal is to make the Canada Skateboard National Team and, hopefully, ride in the Olympics. He already rides for the local skate shop, Stuntwood. 

These competitions have a points system that ranks skaters nationally, so he is aiming to boost his points some more next summer when competitions start back up.

“So now it’s just putting in the time and training and trying new tricks,” he said.

Last winter, that involved travelling to an indoor park in Toronto since the winter weather can make it difficult to skate and practice in Squamish.

Check out more from Huska on his Instagram page.

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