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Think you're tough, eh?

You'd think people would be crying for mommy after finishing the gruelling 67-km Test of Metal (TOM) race.

You'd think people would be crying for mommy after finishing the gruelling 67-km Test of Metal (TOM) race. With punishing uphill climbs, technical downhill sections and long and lonely straight-aways, the Test of Metal requires Lance Armstrong-like endurance, not to mention the most crucial element - hard work.

But apparently there are some riders who want more punishment, more quad-burning, more muscle aching, and more pedal pushing.

These masochistic riders asked for more and they're going to get it.

This year, organizers of the hugely successful TOM are offering the Ultra Test - an extended, show-us-what-you-got-and-don't-come-to-me-cryin'-after-it's-over 100-kilometre adventure extravaganza.

"We thought it was crazy when we first started tossing around the idea, but people wanted it so we're going to give it to them," said TOM race director Cliff Miller. "There was a demand for a more gruelling event from some of the experienced riders."

Thirty cross-country endurance riders have accepted the challenge, including locals Troy Lynn, Chris McCrum and Chris Christie.

The race will coincide with the normal Test of Metal race, but will start three hours earlier. At 8 a.m., the Ultra Test riders will start at Alice Lake Park to begin the long, hard crank to the finish. They will make the initial climb to Powersmart, then through a whole bunch of continuous singletrack from Skookum, George's Crossing, Flat Alley, Diamond Head Rd., the Rip, S&M connector, Three Virgins, Seven Stitches, Summer's Eve, Endo, Raven Woods, Plateau, and back to the Loggers Sports Grounds.

After the first 30-plus kilometres are under their belt, they will then streamline themselves into the normal Test of Metal mayhem.

"It's going to require some additional endurance and a real sense of adventure," said Miller.

Some riders will get there before the 11 a.m. mass start, while others will filter in through the race if they arrive after the designated three-hour time slot.

"What we've done is combined the B.C. Championship course (the Gearjammer) with the Test of Metal course," said Miller.

When an email was sent out to the 800 Test riders in April offering the challenge of the Ultra Test, 19 spots were grabbed within 24 hours, with the other 11 being snapped up within three days.

The Ultra riders will be given specialized number plates to differentiate them from the rest of the TOM pedallers.

"There's been an increasing demand for endurance-style races," said Ultra Test co-ordinator and race director Brad Walkey. "These guys are pretty nuts but they are superb athletes. Spectators out there who see these guys go by should shout out some extra cheers because they're doing something a little beyond sanity."

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