Annual SLRD financial statements for 2018 shows slight increase

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District’s breakdown of costs

From the directors’ expenses and payment to the costs of suppliers, the financial total for the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District rose slightly from the year before.

The 2018 annual report — the most recent — is in on the earnings and expenses for the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District directors and staff. It was approved by the board at the June 26 meeting.

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Totalling $239,343 for 2018, the remuneration of board directors was $202,435, while expenses added up to $36,908. The new total increased by $13,874 from the year before, with an additional $2,320 in expenses than in 2017 and $11,553 more in remuneration than the previous SLRD Statement of Financial Information Report (SOFI).

SLRD directors 2018

Because Karen Elliott only made $1,891, she does not show up in the following chart.


SLRD 2018 directors pay

Meanwhile, the total remuneration and expenses for the SLRD employees, those not elected to their positions, was $2,593,147 — a difference of more than $475,000 from the year before. Expenses in 2018 for employees were $75,923, compared to $42,629 in 2017.

SLRD employee pay

The supplier list total in 2018 rose to $19,579,283 from $19,226,033 the year before. Grants and contributions also increased to $782,331 from $503,233, with Area A receiving $72,271, Area B $81,994, Area C $91,971 and Area D $48,913.

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