Garibaldi Springs open house garners positive and negative feedback on the project | Squamish Chief

Garibaldi Springs open house garners positive and negative feedback on the project

Squamish residents remark on proposed development, amenities, parking

Residents shared compliments and concerns about the Garibaldi Springs project at an open house on Feb. 13 at Executive Suites Hotel.

Polygon representatives presented the latest vision for the area that was previously a golf course with District council on Feb. 11. The 310-unit development will include approximately 37.5 hectares for ecological reserve and park use.

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One of the trail maps presented at the Garibaldi Springs openhouse on Feb. 13. - Keili Bartlett/the Squamish Chief

When The Chief attended the open house, there were around a dozen people perusing the maps that displayed amenities such as multi-use trails, playgrounds and green space. 

"I think it's great they come out and invite the public to see what they're going to do ahead of time," Meighan Creek resident John Oliver told The Chief. "The whole area is going to be kind of vibrant, really, compared to what it is now. It's a great spot to go and park and walk and see nature. Now, they're going to probably improve it and it's going to be available for the people who live in the area, which I think is a good plus."

Oliver said the park will be easy for him to use since he lives so close. While he said the people who are living in the area might have concerns about parking, he thinks the developers and District will take care of it.

"There's a problem on Tantalus Road now for parking and traffic. It's pretty heavy now. It's going to get a lot heavier when they put this in, and there should be some consideration given to stop signs or speed controls especially," Oliver said. "The people move pretty fast along here, and a lot of heavy trucks for this construction is going to be hard on the roadway. Hopefully, the town's got sense enough to do something about it and take the proper measures."

Bruce Hemstock of PWL Associates, the designer of the park, answers questions at the Feb. 13 open house. - Keili Bartlett/the Squamish Chief

Squamish resident Susan Pedersen is concerned about traffic on Tantalus Road.

"My concern is the assumption that they're going to use Tantalus Road for parking for people living in the area, for the visitors of the area and for tourists," Pedersen said. 

She said a parking lot proposed by the developers is "short-sighted."

"Suddenly, Tantalus Road which is already really busy because of the Skyridge Development and the Dowad Development hasn't gone in, now you're going to see cars on both sides all the way up and down. You'll just be driving a gauntlet of cars in basically a residential area." 

Nearby residents Siobhan Harlow and Brian Rose shared positive comments on the development's amenities.

"We like it. There's so much space, just doing more with it is better and adds to the community," Harlow said. "It's a park, so it's beneficial to the neighbourhood."

"There's so many bikes up and down the street, so that's helpful. I don't think there's anything negative. Just how long it takes to get it done."

Harlow and Rose said they didn't share concerns about parking.

"It's not really an issue from our perspective," Harlow said. "There's so much room for parking and the street is so wide that even on a weekend if there's a tonne of people using the trails, it's not like you could never find somewhere to park."

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