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Only one COVID-19 ticket issued in Squamish last year

Relatively few locals penalized for impaired driving over holidays

A look at RCMP ticketing statistics show that Squamish was relatively well-behaved when it came to observing COVID-19 restrictions.

In all of last year, officers issued only one violation ticket under the COVID-19 Related Measures Act and Quarantine Act, according to figures provided by Cpl. Angela Kermer.

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There were, however, four people who could have been charged under the Quarantine Act, but they were let off the hook.

Kermer also released statistics regarding impaired driving over the holidays.

There were no Criminal Code charges laid for impaired driving between Dec.1, 2020 and Jan. 4.

However, there were four immediate roadside prohibitions issues during that same timeframe. Immediate roadside prohibitions are suspensions issued under the province’s Motor Vehicle Act. In these cases, Criminal Code charges may be laid separately.

Finally, there were two 215s issued, which are 24-hour driving prohibitions issued as a result of drugs or drinking.

Drivers issued a 215 have alcohol, drugs or both in their system, but not enough to meet the threshold of a Criminal Code charge or an immediate roadside prohibition.

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