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Squamish police briefs

Two hit and runs. Break and enter. Stolen Mountain Bikes. Fraud.

Two hit and runs

A driver southbound on Highway 99 at Cleveland was rear-ended by a pickup truck, which kept driving.

The incident occurred on June 28 at around 6 p.m.

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Police are following up with the pickup driver.

In a separate, unrelated hit and run, a driver swiped a car parked in a parking lot on June 25.

Police say there was significant damage.

Officers charged the driver under the Motor Vehicle Act for failing to exchange particulars.

squamish RCMP
Source: Courtesy Squamish RCMP

Break and enter

Police say suspects broke into a building at 3295 Mamquam Road and stole two chainsaws on June 23.

The alleged theft occurred on June 23 between 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. the following morning.

One of the chainsaws has two holes drilled into the saw's base.

A drill was also stolen.

The total value of the tools was about $1,000.

  Stolen Mountain Bikes   

A resident reported two mountain bikes were stolen from their garage in the 40000-block of Government Road on June 25, officers say.

Police say the first bike is a green and beige LIV HAIL, and the second a blue and orange Knolly Warden.


Police say a person was defrauded after a person opened a bank account under a victim's name and phoned that person, claiming to be a police officer on June 22.

Officers say the suspect threatened to issue an arrest warrant unless the victim went to the bitcoin machine downtown to withdraw and transfer funds.

RCMP say the victim reported the incident to police, who have followed up.

RCMP say they have had several cases where the public is receiving phone calls where the caller states they are police and ask for payment via BitCoin or Gift Cards. 

They are urging the public to call police or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre if you receive these calls.


RCMP Files for June 23 to 29

Number of files: 162

False alarm calls: 9

False/abandoned 911 calls: 5

Collision investigations: 3

Mental Health Act calls: 1

Theft from vehicle calls: 1

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