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UPDATE: Britannia Beach lifts ‘low-risk’ water advisory

Ultraviolet reactor replaced, ending Jan. 2 advisory: SLRD

The low-risk water advisory has now been lifted for Britannia Beach.

Initially announced by the SLRD and Vancouver Coastal Health on Jan. 2, Ed Witwicki, the SLRD's senior engineering technologist, said he notified the health authority when operators said the system was down.

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"We have two systems of treatment at the Britannia Beach water treatment plant. We chlorinate the water and we also have a UV reactor. So right now our UV reactor is not in service. We are waiting on parts to have it repaired. I've got notice that the parts will be here next week," Witwicki said a. "We have to fly them in from Calgary, and the technician to do the repairs on the panel for the UV reactor." 

While the reactor itself is fine, Witwicki said the panel that controls it isn't working. The parts distributor had to build and reprogram a new panel for the reactor.

The UV reactor kills pathogens, bacteria, viruses or microorganisms that can cause disease. The reactor acts as a kind of lamp in an enclosed system that water flows through.

"Right now, we're chlorinating the water, so there is treatment," Witwicki told The Chief in an update on Jan. 24. "When the reactor went down, I notified Vancouver Coastal Health and Vancouver Coastal Health decided we should put on a low-risk advisory until the reactor's up and running again."

Witwicki clarified it was not a boil water advisory, but a low-risk advisory. Most people were able to drink the water, which was still being treated by chlorine.

Under the advisory, VCH said residents with very weak immune systems should follow the low-risk advisory guidelines. Precautions included boiling water for drinking, washing fruits and vegetables, making drinks or ice and brushing teeth for those with weakened immune systems. 

The low-risk advisory was in effect for all of Britannia Beach, including the Britannia Mine Museum.

 Witwicki asks anyone with questions or concerns about the water quality advisory to contact him at 604-894-6371 ext. 227.  

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