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LETTER: Questionable rezoning plans

It is unfortunate that our honourable mayor and council are blinded by a potential increase to Squamish’s tax coffers by rezoning outlying residential areas that skirt the downtown core to RM-5 low-rise apartment zones from RS-1 single family home zones.

Councillors’ arguments — that this rezoning aligns with the Official Community Plan make absolutely no sense at all. I read that dear Mayor Karen Elliott does not like exclusive neighbourhoods with only expensive houses. Might she be referring to Crumpit Woods, and or Garibaldi Highlands? Allow me to remind Ms. Elliott that high-end single-family neighbourhoods need to exist in all towns and cities across the globe.

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Where should the wealthy live? They don’t only need to exist, but also are crucially important in sustaining a healthy community and economic balance in this beautiful town.

On the other side of the housing spectrum, as Squamish announces to the world that it is Hardwired for Adventure; why are these smart individuals at municipal hall trying to prevent climbers from temporarily living in their customized vans at the bottom of the mountain they are planning to conquer in the morning? Council should celebrate their efforts and support their lifestyle by ensuring current bylaws reflect and support Squamish’s new tagline.

Just sayin’! More work needs to be done here!

Council should mindful of the needs from both ends of the housing spectrum.

Joe Rommel
Garibaldi Highlands


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